Bus Risers

Bus Risers - Low-voltage compact bus way features rated current 400A-5000A

GE Licensed -Neutral bus bar with 100% and 200% capacity and has two options

  • 50% integrated housing ground.
  • 50% internal ground, which can meet the requirements of various power distribution systems.

The ingress protection grade is up to IP65, the users can select according to the installation environment.

Safenergy Technical Detail

Description Unit Rating
Rated Voltage KV 12
Rated Frequency HZ 50
Rated Bus Bar Current A Up to 2000
Short Time with stand Current (3sec) KA
25 kA/31.5 kA
Insulation Levels KVRMS/KVP 28/75
Width x Depth x Height Up to 1250A Mn Mn 600x1550x2500
Weight with Circuit Breaker (approx.) Kg 1000
Degree of Protection Enclosure - IP4X Between the Compartments -
ELV System Solution Provider:


  • Lighting Control System Reputable Western brands
  • Guest Room Management System Reputed Western Brands
  • Structure Cable System Reputed Western Brands