Dynergy offers competitive solutions of LV, MV, bus risers and EIB (KNX) systems for all types of market segments:

  • Low Voltage Switchgear: up to 6300A fully type tested panels
  • Medium Voltage Switchgear: 11kV metal clad, arc proof, type tested switchgear.
  • Bus riser: up to 5000A fully type tested, with all aluminum housing as per IEC standards and local regulations
  • ELV: aimed to hotel automation, home evolution and building automation, achieving ‘comfort’ and ‘versatility’ in the management of air-conditioning, lighting and access control systems
Product Range: LV Switchgear
Product Range Description
LV Switchgear ABB – GE - EATON Authorized Panel Builder
MDBs Up to 6300A Rating, TTA and PTTA Assembly
SMDBs Type tested and non type tested assemblies
MCCs Fixed and Withdrawable - Up to 6300A Rating,  TTA and PTTA Assembly, including VFDs, Soft starters,  Star-delta Starters, and DOL starters
Final DBs Row Type and Pan assembly type
ATS and Control Panels All ratings and combinations
Capacitor Banks All ratings applicable
Metering Cabinets and Outdoor Panels All ratings applicable
Product Range: MV Switchgear
MV Switchgear ABB Licensed
11 kV Vacuum Circuit Breaker Panel 630A & 1250A (Safenergy) 17.5 / 42 / 95kV – 25kA for 3 sec Withdrawable Approved by ADWEA, DEWA, and ADNOC
11 kV Gas Insulated (SF6) Circuit Breaker Panel 630A & 1250A 24 / 50 / 125kV - 25kA for 3 sec Approved by DEWA, and ADNOC
Starter Panels up to 11kV Applicable for Chillers and other applications
Capacitor Banks up to 11kV Applicable for all relevant applications